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An Illuminating Paradox

One time, while driving on an interstate highway when the weather was gray and misty, I noticed a curious paradox. Although it was only sprinkling occasionally, nearly every car had its headlights on, complying with an obscure New York Sate … Continue reading

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Of Moles and Squeegee Men

Now that January 20th has come and gone, the Bush League has departed from DC like unruly guests who cleaned out the liquor cabinet and the wine cellar and generally trashed the place. As we start to pick up the … Continue reading

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What Do Libertarian Farmers Grow?

Washington Post writer and blogger Joel Achenbach recently wrote a piece called “Inventing the Future” for his alumni publication. It’s about a brainy fellow Princeton alum named Nathan Myhrvold, who according to Achenbach is brilliant in many areas – physics, … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Flags

Sometimes images from a life-altering event can remain fresh even after 45 years. For me every January 9th brings back images from 1964, when I was a 6th grader living in Panama. That was when I saw the effects of … Continue reading

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Slay Riding to Oblivion

Slate has an article – The Digital Slay-Ride – that discusses the ways modern technology is revolutionizing our lives. As Jack Shafer notes: Folks giggled at Wired founder Louis Rossetto’s bombastic formulation in 1993 that the “digital revolution is whipping … Continue reading

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It’s A Wonderful Life

Back in 1997 I wrote a piece about the movie It’s A Wonderful Life for my website, offering a Quantum Age perspective on this holiday classic. As one of our holiday traditions in the USA is to catch a rerun … Continue reading

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