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Rx for Disaster

On Halloween, there are always some people looking to scare you. But in our seemingly never-ending election season, politicians have been trying to scare us for months about zombies who are going to kill the economy. Who are these economic … Continue reading

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Not Housing, But Homes

What long-term health care facilities are like is something many of us care about. After all, our parents – or we ourselves – could wind up in one of them at some point. Plus, we all pay for them through … Continue reading

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Fighting the System

It’s all well and good to take a systems approach to fixing systems. But it’s important to realize that the biggest obstacle to repairing a system is often ingrained in the system itself. The bigger and the more widely it’s … Continue reading

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Flu In The Time Of Globalism

The big news item of the moment is the growing threat of a swine flu pandemic. The speed with which this disease has spread is yet another reflection of our interconnected world. In earlier times diseases tended to travel slowly … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Holistic Health

Back in the ’90s, while working in the traffic safety office of New York’s DMV, I apparently committed a Big Faux Pas. At a traffic safety panel discussion moderated by DMV’s second in command, I asked a question. Traffic safety … Continue reading

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