Quantum Age Basics

Modern science created the technology that has changed our world in so many ways. It also offers principles that can help us understand today’s world.

While my web site Quantum Age explores them more deeply, here’s a brief summary of 9 basic principles from science that apply to today’s world.  It’s important to remember that these are all facets of one whole; one can no more pick and choose which principles to accept or agree with than one can choose to accept gravity but ignore time.

These 9 principles are:

1.  Life is Uncertain. The more we try to pin things – and people – down, the more resistant and unpredictable they will become.

2.  Everything is Dual-Natured. You can see a group or you can see a person in that group; you can’t see both at the same time. We always have this dual nature: individuals who are members of groups.

3.  Everything is Relative. People from different walks of life – or even at different points in their own life – will have differing perspectives. All perspectives are relative.

4.  Everything is a matter of Probability. Given the uncertainty inherent in things, we cannot predict precisely what would happen in a given circumstance.

5.  Everything is Linked. Everything is interconnected with everything else.

6. Life is Chaotic. We can’t predict the weather, but we can predict the seasons. Things may appear chaotic, but that chaos can conceal an underlying order.

7.  Things develop through Emergence. The simplest car today is much more complex than a Model T. Things tend to get increasingly complex; this complexity emerges from the bottom up, within a context.

8.  Everything is Energy-based. We are not machines; we are organisms. At our most basic level, we are made of energy.

9. Things are best understood Holistically. A whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The posts on this blog are generally categorized according to one or more of these principles. By clicking on a category you can find observations on current events that I believe are illuminated by an awareness of that principle.


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