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The Relativity Machine

Want to experience relativity? Try riding a bicycle! Albert Einstein reportedly said that he thought of relativity while riding his bicycle. According to some, he thought of the concept while riding at night with his bike headlight on. He considered … Continue reading


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Is It Moral to Cheer Bin Laden’s Death?

I’ve noticed some discussion on the web and in the media about the reaction to Bin Laden’s death, specifically whether it’s morally appropriate to cheer such an event. I think this is a very complex issue that evades a simple … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Traveling Slower

The New York Times had an op-ed piece a couple days ago titled “Escape From The Jet Age.” Reacting to the recent shut down of many flights to Europe due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland, Seth Stevenson extolled the … Continue reading

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Cargo Cult Science

Many conservatives these days appear to view science in ideological terms. When science conflicts with their own beliefs, they feel it’s totally appropriate to disregard the science and stick with their beliefs. When it comes to science, it appears these … Continue reading

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They’rrr baaack!

Back in May I had a post about the visit to Albany by the film crew for the Angelina Jolie movie Salt. Apparently Albany is a prime place these days for shooting chase scenes, because now we have a crew … Continue reading

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Fantasyland Comes to Town

Every once in a while the Albany area turns into “Hollywood on the Hudson,” as a film crew for this or that movie comes to town. Each time this happens, there is a curious kind of encounter between our usual, … Continue reading

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A Mystery of Time

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity. —Albert Einstein Some people seem to have a … Continue reading

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