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A Mystery of Time – Relativity and our sense of time

A Tale of Two Flags – My first experience with mob psychology

A Whole Earth Approach to Economic Growth – Costa Rica’s holistic approach to business and the environment

All Together Now – A quantum perspective on today’s many divisions.

An Illuminating Paradox – Traffic safety and the dual nature of drivers

Another Kind of Holistic Health – An holistic approach to health that links various health fields together

As We Are Now – Modern gravestones and our dual nature

Back To The…50s?!? – In the 2016 elections, many wanted to go back in time

The Benefits of Traveling Slower – How we travel affects how we see the world

Beyond Fortress America – Some politicians seem to be looking for control where it’s not possible

Blizzards and Butterflies – A response to climate change deniers

Bottom-up in Rio – How spreading technology is empowering slum-dwellers in Brazil

Building Holistically – Considering a building’s “community ecology” during its design.

Butterflies on Valentine’s Day – The butterfly effect in life

Came the Apocalypse – A new TV show offers a fanciful escape from today’s world.

Cargo Cult Science – Conservatives’ weird science

Certain Dangers – In our uncertain world, certainty can breed tragedy

Chaos on Wall Street – Chaos theory and the financial crisis

Clean-up Time – Responding to disasters – both natural and political

Complexity on Wall Street – Managing risk in a complex system

Dances With Sled Dogs – Learning about success on the Iditarod trail

Dreams Can Come True – Reflections on Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech 47 years later

E pluribus pluribus – Individualism in an interconnected world

Either/Or – Seeing beyond a Black & White world

Enter The Young – Early signs of action by those who’ve grown up in the Quantum Age.

Failing Institutions – Why are so many institutions today messing up?

Failing Tests – Problems with No Child Left Behind

Fantasyland Comes to Town – Events can alter your view of reality

Fear and Political Beliefs – Fear about our changing world can lead to political extremism

Fixing the System – Taking a systems-based approach to dealing with problems

Fighting the System – How the popularity and nature of a system can create obstacles to fixing it

Flu In The Time Of Globalism – The world is complex: how to deal with its decentralized crises

Fury (There Will Be Blood) – How Trumpism may end.

Getting Beyond Individualism vs Collectivism – Transcending our current political schism

Give a Little Nudge – Guiding behavior, rather than forcing it

Got a Revolution – A new president for a new world

Got to Get Back to the Garden – Replacing the old, Newtonian view of a clockwork universe

Government by the People – Technology as really empowered us – except as citizens

Holistic Healing for Deserts – and Climate Change? – Revitalizing grasslands – and possibly the climate

How Risky Are Stocks? – Gauging uncertainty in the stock market

How the Internet Got Its Rules – Openness and the emergence of the Internet

Improving the Norm – Taking a more holistic approach to dealing with aberrant behaviors

Is It Moral to Cheer bin Laden’s Death? – Some things to consider

Is THIS the American Century? – Why America might flourish in this century

It’s a Small World After All – Global reaction to Obama’s election

It’s a Wonderful Life – Quantum age take on a holiday classic

The “Job Creator” Myth – What can we learn from modern science regarding the trickle down model of economics?

Keep the Change – Why are some conservatives so angry these days?

Money Can’t Buy Me Art – It turns out money is not the best incentive for creativity

New Terms for New Times – Transformational times sometimes require a new vocabulary

No Faith Left – How things can look in a transitional period without rules

No More Secrets – The decline of secrecy in a Googlized world

Not Housing, But Homes – A new approach to long-term health care

Nothing There – Art that’s a con

OccupyWallStreet and Failing Institutions – Wall Street and its occupiers are symptoms of something bigger

Of Moles and Squeegee Men – Whether Bush, Cheney & Co. should be investigated

Oh…Nuts – Why are tiny groups of nutty people gaining so much influence? What can we do about it?

On Track to Saving Gas – A bottom-up approach to reducing use of gas in cars and trucks

On Trees and Forests – Why the experts didn’t see the financial crisis coming

Out of Many, One – “Never doubt that a small group can change the world”

“Pants” on the Web – How quickly things can change in an interconnected world

Paranoia Strikes Deep – Information security in the real world

Race War Talk – In the summer of 2016, things were getting heated

Reality Isn’t What It Used to Be – Understanding reality today

Religion’s Darkness – We must remember religion can be a force for evil as well as good

Religious Differences in Our Global Village – Getting beyond religious intolerance

Restoring Science – And Democracy – The importance of science in a democracy

Rx for Disaster – The truth about “job-killing regulations.”

Science Is More Than Just An Opinion – What distinguishes science from opinions.

Self-reliance – Being self-reliant is not enough in an interconnected world

Slay Riding to Oblivion – The decline of newspapers and what it means for democracy

Start Making Sense – Dealing with wacky right-wing spam from friends

“Stuff” Happens – How systems thinking can deepen our understanding of our world

Swept Away – Thoughts on being swept up in a group movement

Ten Years After – September 11th and our changed world

“The End” Is Past – …at least for the Mayan Apocalypse hoopla

The Fascinating Physics of Everyday Life – How physics provides a framework for understanding everyday life.

The Linkage Is Blowing In The Wind – Thoughts arising from a fall walk

The Only Certainty Is Uncertainty – Looking for certainty? Modern physics has some bad news for you

The Relativity Machine – Experience relativity on a bike

The Trouble With Hurry – Enjoying fall foliage – even if we eventually have to rake it

The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree – Why a college education should be about more than a career

The Whole World’s Watching – A presidential inauguration in an interconnected world

The Word From the Street – The future of mass media in a bottom-up world

They’rrr Baaack! – More thoughts on reality, as another movie crew comes to town

Things Have Changed – 2017 – The Kennedy assassination and our changed world

Uncertain Times – Learning to live with uncertainty

“Walking Up” Won’t Stop School Shootings – Being nice alone can’t solve this problem.

Want to Teach Children? You Need a Little SOLE – A new way of learning and teaching

Wave Riding – Bicycle riding and the wave/particle duality

What Do Libertarian Farmers Grow? – Libertarianism in context

What’s Going On? – First post on this blog

What’s the Big Idea? – Finding a new world view

What We Measure Is What We’ll Get – Our view of the economy is shaped by what we measure

Where Are The “Deciders”? – Why we seem to have so few real leaders today.

Who’ll Pave the Roads? – When tax cuts don’t help

Who’s the Brains of This Outfit?  Maybe All of Us – Is modern technology turning us into a giant “social brain”?

Winning With Uncertainty – Why Bode Miller skied so much better in the 2010 Winter Olympics

You Can’t Believe Your Eyes – What we perceive isn’t necessarily what’s there.

“You Didn’t Build That” – The Key to Progress – Apparently, the exchange of ideas is like sex