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All Together Now

We’re all in this together. That’s not a popular thought these days. These days we prefer to think of how we’re different: conservative, progressive, young, old, white, black, woman, man, Republican, Democrat, Christian, Muslim, Jew, vegan, meat eater, Yankees fan, … Continue reading

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Getting Beyond Individualism Vs Collectivism

Are we individuals who live and achieve things on our own, or are we members and products of a larger collective? This question – this either/or distinction between individualism and collectivism – is at the heart of the schism in … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times – 1/19/12

I often come across items that I believe reflect the changes I’m describing on this blog. To me they are “signs of the times.” Here are a couple. “The Rise of the New Groupthink” The New York Times recently ran … Continue reading

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There’s a lot of talk these days about self-reliance. According to some, our lot in life – our success or failure – is all up to us. As GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain recently said: “Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t … Continue reading

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Ten Years After

There’s been a lot of talk this week about how 9/11 has changed things. For example, the Huffington Post has introduced a section titled “9/11: A Decade After” in which, according to Arianna Huffington, they will explore “all the ways … Continue reading

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Who’s the brains of this outfit? Maybe all of us

Robert Wright has an interesting piece in the NY Times titled “Building One Big Brain.” In response to concerns that modern technology is affecting the way we think, he has a suggestion: But maybe the terms of the debate — … Continue reading

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Out of Many, One

When my father was dying of leukemia in 2001, I learned that with cancer it’s not death so much as the dying that is so terrible. I also learned that while we may feel helpless as individuals in confronting this … Continue reading

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Wave Riding

The Tour de France – the world’s greatest bike race – ended yesterday. The Pan-Mass Challenge – America’s greatest cycling fund raiser – takes place this coming weekend. In honor of those two major cycling events, I’m reviving an essay … Continue reading

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An Illuminating Paradox

One time, while driving on an interstate highway when the weather was gray and misty, I noticed a curious paradox. Although it was only sprinkling occasionally, nearly every car had its headlights on, complying with an obscure New York Sate … Continue reading

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E pluribus pluribus

E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One) – Seal of the United States A big topic in today’s news was a rant by Rick Santelli, a hyper correspondent for CNBC who appears to believe yelling can compensate for a lack … Continue reading

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What Do Libertarian Farmers Grow?

Washington Post writer and blogger Joel Achenbach recently wrote a piece called “Inventing the Future” for his alumni publication. It’s about a brainy fellow Princeton alum named Nathan Myhrvold, who according to Achenbach is brilliant in many areas – physics, … Continue reading

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Slay Riding to Oblivion

Slate has an article – The Digital Slay-Ride – that discusses the ways modern technology is revolutionizing our lives. As Jack Shafer notes: Folks giggled at Wired founder Louis Rossetto’s bombastic formulation in 1993 that the “digital revolution is whipping … Continue reading

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It’s A Wonderful Life

Back in 1997 I wrote a piece about the movie It’s A Wonderful Life for my website, offering a Quantum Age perspective on this holiday classic. As one of our holiday traditions in the USA is to catch a rerun … Continue reading

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