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The “Job Creator” Myth

Quick – which came first: economies or wealthy elites? I raised this question because some politicians have a passion for referring to the wealthy as “job creators” – inferring that the well-being of the economy is tied to the well-being … Continue reading

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Want to Teach Children? You Need a Little SOLE

Many people are familiar with DIY – “Do It Yourself.” There’s a whole industry focused on that, with TV shows like Ask This Old House and companies like Home Depot and Lowes. Thanks to the Internet, it looks like we … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times – 1/19/12

I often come across items that I believe reflect the changes I’m describing on this blog. To me they are “signs of the times.” Here are a couple. “The Rise of the New Groupthink” The New York Times recently ran … Continue reading

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Improving the Norm

New York Times columnist Bob Herbert had a recent column about an effort to reduce violence in Chicago. He points out that a basic problem with violent behavior is that many believe it’s just part of life, noting: One of … Continue reading

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Flu In The Time Of Globalism

The big news item of the moment is the growing threat of a swine flu pandemic. The speed with which this disease has spread is yet another reflection of our interconnected world. In earlier times diseases tended to travel slowly … Continue reading

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How the Internet Got Its Rules

The New York Times had an article recently, “How the Internet Got Its Rules,” which offered an intriguing glimpse of the beginning of a phenomena that is an integral part of life today. The article was written by Stephen Crocker, … Continue reading

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An Illuminating Paradox

One time, while driving on an interstate highway when the weather was gray and misty, I noticed a curious paradox. Although it was only sprinkling occasionally, nearly every car had its headlights on, complying with an obscure New York Sate … Continue reading

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