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Holistic Healing for Deserts – and Climate Change?

TED recently posted an excellent talk by Allan Savory, who works to promote the holistic management of grasslands around the world. In bringing land that was once desert back into productive and sustainable grasslands, his program may also offer a significant … Continue reading

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Rx for Disaster

On Halloween, there are always some people looking to scare you. But in our seemingly never-ending election season, politicians have been trying to scare us for months about zombies who are going to kill the economy. Who are these economic … Continue reading

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“Stuff” Happens

If you’re looking for a clue as to why we have so many problems in today’s world, one place you might look is how we actually look at problems. Our traditional way of dealing with a problem is to break … Continue reading

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A Whole Earth Approach to Economic Growth

Happy Earth Day! Actually, I suspect this isn’t such a happy day in some quarters. It is taken as a given by some businessmen, politicians and pundits that environmental concerns exist in a zero-sum relationship with economic growth. Their thinking … Continue reading

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